People who receive the necessary training is more able to perform in their job ... Thus, we offer you a training program wich allows you to strengthen those skills that you need to improve!

Alternance Training​

This training is required by students in order to develop their professional skill
and to enable them to become familiar with the world of work for a specified period of time.

This course is dedicated to all people who have studied in tourism industry and who have not acquired sufficient skills or experiences to be autonomous in this sector during their school career, with the aim of:

  • Acquire and develop personal skills
  • Develop autonomy through the various learning activities,
  • Acquire and develop personal skills
  • Acquire and develop basic knowledge in the field of tourism
  • Helping young people to define a professional project
  • adapt to the demands of the corporate world
  • Discover the professions, the world of work, the company
  • Promote gap to the social and professional environment.
  • develop other skills


An internship is a period of study in which theoretical learning is practiced in the field

The student sets up a professional internship that allows him to:

  • acquire responsibilities
  • getting to know the professional world
  • develop professional network
  • be independent, rigorous
  • gain field experience
  • develop other skills
  • adapting to the demands of the world's business
  • gain confidence, maturity and ability


Here in Madagascar, only few people understand the importance of mastering this first link in the rescue chain. Whereas wherever we are,
at home; at work or on the streets, we are not really safe from danger and that everything can tip over in a fraction of a second,
any accident or discomfort may occur at any time.
It is therefore the primary mission of a first-aid worker to provide first aid to the victims while waiting for the competent reinforcements.

In collaboration with the RED CROSS MALAGASY, this training enables the impetrant to:

  • Ensuring the survival of a distressed person before the arrival of emergency or a necessary assistance
  • Helping others in a situation of panic or danger
  • Helping others in a situation of panic or danger
  • Remove danger or reduce danger around the victim


Whatever your age, education and status, we will help you to consolidate your professional achievements by issuing you a certificate of professional qualification
in line with your experience. By collaborating with a tourism institutes, you can even acquire a diploma related to your skills

The goal is to allow you to:

  • Acquire a diploma that qualifies your professional qualifications
  • Win a promotion in your workplace
  • Expand and enhance your resume
  • Offer new job opportunities in bigger companies
  • Strengthen your skills


In the tourism industry, learning foreign language allow us to serve and communicate with tourists, also it allows us to share the beauty of our country.It also strengthens the cultural competence of this increasingly globalized world and helps us to develop our social intelligence.

To be able to progress quickly in a foreign language, we offer specialized language training tourism adapted to your needs and objectives.
We offer language training:

  • English of tourism
  • French of tourism
  • Italian of tourism.

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